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IP Monetization

Title Shape

The financial success of Intellectual property utilization and exploitation depends on protecting and developing the IPs towards economic and social prosperity. IP commercialization requires immense evaluation and assessment with careful decision being made. It often involves negotiations and consultation to receive what the parent IP organisation rightfully deserves to reap their investments. But the route to commercialization or monetization can be complex with an international platform. So, we, a team of experts, after careful assessment of your commercialization potential, we strive to deliver the best targets of commercialization on an international platform as per requirements protecting your ideals and inventions thus enabling you to obtain the best outcome from your IPs. Our services for commercializing IPs (Trademark/Patents/Copyright/Design) includes but not limited to:

  • Assignment of IPs- Selling your Trademarks to eligible/capable parties of a different jurisdiction globally for a rightful consideration
  • Licensing and franchising of IPs to eligible right holders with fitting profiles after careful assessment and evaluation at the best royalty rates
  • Enabling collaboration through partnerships and Joint ventures better suiting the development of the IP.
  • Transfer of Intellectual Property rights to subsidiary companies under the control of holding companies in other countries for better utilization.
  • Trademark, patent and design purchase support services